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    Have you ever felt too busy or distracted to focus on memorizing Scripture? Me too! I used to try and memorize Scripture by choosing a verse I liked and writing it out a few times. Or I’d write a few verses on index cards and flip through them occasionally. Or I’d buy a beautiful print and display where I could read it often. I’d quickly forget about it, feel defeated, and realized none of those things worked. Then I discovered an easy way to accomplish knowing His Word that anyone can do!

    I fell in love with Jesus as a teenager and had a steady Bible study record. I cared about what Scripture said and desired to know it well. I worked in the medical field while dabbling in design on the side when my husband and I got married. We added four kids to our family and my desire to know His Word remained the same, but my mental capacity did not. I was tired (hello, baby brain!), but longed to be close to His Word, knowing full well it was my life line to Jesus. One Sunday morning my pastor mentioned a discipline called Lectio Divina. He described it as a process of reading the same verse repetitively and it wouldn’t take long before you knew it really well. I was thrilled. Even I could read a single verse each day! This method was something I had never tried and I was encouraged that anyone could do this—even me, in my tired, anxious, distracted state.

    One morning I woke up with a Spirit-inspired idea. I needed a monthly subscription that provided a print and sticker with a verse on it that I could read repetitively. It needed to be pretty and the design needed to change every month so it would blend in over time. I needed a cute paperclip to clip one of the prints to my planner. I also needed a card to write on so I could still practice writing out the verse I was memorizing. So I went looking. I searched for the amazing person who was doing this awesome thing and couldn’t find anyone. 

    So here we are. We’ve been memorizing Scripture, sharing His Word confidently, squashing fear, setting the example for our kids, fighting temptation, renewing our minds, increasing our faith (and our joy!), and transforming our lives through the power of His Word and the Holy Spirit.




    Deborah is the owner of Grace Notes Subscription. She lives on the windy Oklahoma prairie with her husband, four kids, and four dogs.