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    We offer a monthly subscription to help you to know God's Word well. Lectio Divina (Latin for Divine Reading) is the discipline of reading a small portion of Scripture repetitively and seeing the Word become LIVING in your life.
    Grace Notes provides a way to repetitively read the same portion of Scripture for a month so  God's Word lives in your life. The design and verse is a surprise every month!
    Grace Notes subscribers surround themselves with the monthly verse by placing the prints (big and small) and sticker in the places they look often. The prints can be placed near your kitchen sink, on your refrigerator, near your bathroom sink, etc. The sticker can be in your Bible, planner, calendar, on your phone, or on your favorite tumbler. It's waterproof and easily removable! 
    We are passionate about adoption and fighting sex trafficking. We have committed at least 10% of all proceeds go to organizations that have similar goals.
    I'm Deborah and I started Grace Notes out of my own personal need for more Scripture in my life. I wanted it to become a part of my life in a tangible way. I combine my love of God and my love of design to bring you Grace Notes every month. I pray you see His Word transform your life.
    My husband and I live on the windy Oklahoma prairie with our four kids and four dogs.